Poetry: September

Contrasting with the global situation of isolation and fear, my 2020 is quite a good one. One of the good things that happened to me are these thoughts thar started coming to my head and forming into something like a free verse poetry. I already wrote a few and I think it’s time for me to share them.

I don’t regard my poems as something substantial. I look at them more as a couple of lines I had to write in order to get to two or three sentence that describe who i am and what i feel the best. So here is one of my favorite poems titled “september” in which I hope you will find the few sentences out of many that are the center of what’s been inspiring me lately.


september is my favorite month of all
i’ve said this hundreds of times to my mates and babes
but no one ever blinked an eye
until that evening on september 6th
when i sat on your couch for the very first time
talking about pulp fiction and shit
while scrolling through your instagram feed
looking at your 2019 fall pics
and as i looked at the pictures of your city
covered in golden light and leaves
i exclaimed: “september is my favorite month”
and then the greenness of your eyes
crossed the blueness of mine
and you asked me the sweetest “why”.
then i gave you a generic explanation
but at the same time the softest one i ever did
because in the extreme of times like this
where everyone would rather say that september is the cruelest month of all
i found you, your green eyes and warm couch
and it was enough to make me thinK
that after all this doom and gloom
september’s still my favorite month of all

september 2020

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